Listen Up! is one of the Pindrop Foundation’s leading initiatives.

It is a school outreach programme that teaches children to protect their hearing from damage.

Nearly half of all school age children will have potentially damaged their hearing by the time they reach 25 years of age (NDF, 2008).

Although it is entirely preventable, Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) is reaching epidemic proportions. In fact they call it the hearing epidemic of the MP3 generation.

During a fun and highly interactive 45 minute session, students learn how to stay safe around noise.  The lesson incorporates physics, anatomy, general science and valuable health lessons all at the same time.

Every child who can be spared the communication difficulties, social isolation, depression, or chronic tinnitus from NIHL is worth the investment.

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Listen Up Kids In Tree

Listen Up! thanks its' supporters:

  • CueSports
  • EB Firth Charitable Trust
  • Kiwi Community Trust
  • NZ Lotteries Grants Board
  • Pelorus Trust
  • Pub Charity
  • Scottswood Trust
  • The Lion Foundation
  • The Southern Trust
  • Trusts Charitable Foundation