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My hearing loss became extremely noticeable to everyone except me.
One needs to realise and accept the disability and I did not for many years.  I bumbled through and learnt to lip read.
The hurt and humiliation is unimaginable to most and the damage to a marriage can only be guessed at unless you have been there.
Not being able to participate in normal day to day things sets one apart so you withdraw into your own world.
Just because a hearing loss cannot be identified like a limp or speech disability does not mean it is less painful.
“It is extremely painful”!! as there is no or little respect and understanding.
My life before the CI implant was generally awkward and sometimes miserable  - my family suffered the most. 


I am thrilled and grateful to have had my CI implant.  Now my quality of life has improved dramatically and I am sure it has saved my marriage.  Too late for my business.
Just being able to interact with people normally is incredible.
I think our welfare system in this country is fair so all we are asking in the deaf fraternity is our fair share of allocation.  We should be on an equal footing with all other medical conditions and claims.
Just because one cannot see our disability does not mean that it is unimportant as it most certainly is.
Please do not forget us.

Laurie Barber

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