My Boating Experience by Laurie Barber

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My Boating Experience by Laurie Barber name

I wanted to share an experience I had recently on my first solo travel expedition post implant.

I was asked by a friend to come and cruise on his launch for 7 days in Marlborough Sounds. The worry for me was getting there- through the airport ad all the drama involved with self check in etc. Being deaf I had lost all my confidence and my wife has always tended to do these things for me. So this was scary stuff.

On my own-first thing was glasses on and up to the machine. Well, I worked my way through the screen and paused for a few seconds. Next thing, the machine asks, "Are you still there Lawrence?"

Well, only my mother called me that! I am usually Laurie.

I pressed "yes" and carried on. Then to my dismay, I inadvertently pressed "yes" for, "Are you carrying a firearm?"

Yikes-I quickly pressed "No."

Eventually I got there and thought, "Wow, I did it!"

Then into the departure area, and within a few minutes, two armed police officers arrived and appeared to be looking at me! Crikey I thought-I have done it this time!

Then two more armed officers arrived-four of them-bit much for me. I was going quietly anyway!

A few minutes passed and they disappeared behind a closed area before coming back with a chap in tow. It wasn't me they wanted after all.

It made a great story on our launch over a few drinks, and we all had a good laugh at my expense.

Bottom line- having been deaf for so long and relying on my wife so heavily has taken its toll, but this experience has taught me that, "I can do it!"

I am slowly getting my confidence back.

Watch this space. I am so grateful to the hearing fraternity. I has been a great journey. We love my CI!