Caroline Selvaratnam

Caroline Selvaratnam


Caroline Selvaratnam is the Adult Cochlear Implant Programme Manager at The Hearing House. She has been working in the audiology field since 1997 and has been involved in cochlear implants since 2000. Caroline enjoys working with a wide variety of people and loves the challenge of improving the communication outcomes of hearing-impaired adults.


Supporting the hearing impaired/ cochlear implant client in the community: A discussion for health professionals.
For many health professionals, the severe to profound hearing loss population is an enigma because they don’t see many individuals with significant communication problems in their day to day practice. This may lead to late referrals or fractured support because of a lack of knowledge about how best to proceed. This discussion will try and give those working with this population more tools to support those who are waiting for an implant, those who have an implant or the clients who have yet to be referred.