Ellen Giles

Ellen Giles

BA (hons). MSc.

Ellen has been a rehabilitation clinician with adult CI programmes since 1990. Initially she was with the Manchester cochlear implant programme, UK, and then moved to NZ in 1997 to be with the Northern CI programme in Auckland. She provides a range of services including CI MAPping, troubleshooting, and research but her main interest is aural rehabilitation with CI recipients and helping them achieve their hearing potential.

Ellen trained in the UK; she achieved a joint honours degree in Biology & Psychology followed by a Masters degree by research in clinical audiology at the University of Keele, Communication & Neuroscience dept.  She went onto the City Literacy Centre for the Deaf in London  to qualify in Hearing Therapy and teaching lipreading. 

Workshop: Active Listening and Having Fun

Whilst traditional auditory training still has a place in the rehabilitation process we felt adults needed to have more fun! We have introduced adults to websites and audio streaming to enable them to do their own listening practise with a wide range of exercises and materials online (with their computers and mobiles).

In addition we will look at how listening practise can be incorporated into everyday activities; baking, shopping lists, recipes.

We want adults to enjoy their listening experience- many have used music and singing to make progress. Others have used board games they can play with family and friends and grandchildren.

The purpose of the workshop is to demonstrate listening activites that you can try out at home… oh yes, and be ready to sing too!! It’s very good for us.