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Christine Candy

47, Okaihau

I live in a very small town call Okaihau in the bay of islands, 20 minutes out of KeriKeri. I work on the farm and my passion is my horses.
The worst part of not hearing was missing out on a lot of conversation.

It was especially embarrassing when I would reply to someone with the wrong answer...I’d totally misunderstood the whole conversation! Socializing was a nightmare and meetings were confusing.

But how the CI has changed my life: it’s a new world!

I can hear music, pick up the right conversation, and even talking to strangers is no problem now. It’s allowed me to go out socialising and even to join new clubs like roller derby...

What I love the most is being able to hear music but I still don’t like to hear the phone ringing. I don’t have the confidence yet to talk on the phone. It’s still very hard to hear on that phone!