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Lyn Polwart

80, Pukekohe

I had been a teacher, but as my hearing loss got steadily worse, I struggled more and more in the classroom. Then 10 years ago, I became severely deaf which robbed me of my career, my position in my family and society. I thought all hope was gone.

Likening deafness to a living death is not too much of an exaggeration. Living with deafness, you are in solitary confinement all day and everyday. It was torture.

In dire desperation, I researched and researched, trying to find a hearing solution, which could break me out of the prison of my disability.

That was when I found out about the life changing hearing solution that is cochlear implants.

In 2010 I self funded myself into a cochlear implant after 7 years of struggling with severe hearing loss.

My life has been changed irrevocably ever since. The relationship with my children and grandchildren has improved immensely. Nothing brings me greater pleasure than being able to hear my grandchildren’s chatter and the joy in their voices as they share their achievements with me.

I now have full participation in life again.