Our Tips On Preserving Your Hearing

There once was a time when Mike thought nothing of starting up his chain saw and cutting up firewood, without thinking twice about the damage he was doing.

These days things are different...

Since the onset of Mike’s hearing loss after years of exposure to loud noises, he appreciates and values his hearing. Before the chain saw gets started, Mike has his ear muffs on.

Mike is not alone. Our hearing is something we tend to take for granted and don't really appreciate until we begin to lose it.

You can help prevent damage to your hearing and preserve it by following 3 simple rules:

  • Protect your Ears
  • Walk Away
  • Turn it Down

Our Tips On Preserving Your Hearing

  • When working with noisy machinery, wear hearing protection.
  • In noisy environments (rock concerts; motor races etc) where ear plugs.
  • Walk away from loud noises.
  • Give your ears regular rests from loud noise.
  • If you can't hear people speaking when playing your iPod, turn it down.
  • If you are a musician, pick up some special ear plugs designed to protect your hearing.
  • If you work in noisy industrial environments, wear hearing protection.
  • Be aware that some medications, toxins and drugs can cause hearing loss.
  • Don’t stick cotton buds, cotton wool or other foreign objects into your ears!
  • At the first sign of an ear infection, get treatment.
  • Finally, get your ears tested regularly.

If you think you have hearing loss: Don't ignore it. Make an appointment with a hearing health professional.