Helpful Links

Below is a list of links we think you may find useful.


Auckland University Logo

The National Cochlear Implant Program has some helpful information on the assessment process in New Zealand and available support

The National Foundation for the Deaf inc.

The National Foundation for the Deaf Inc, has a comprehensive list of supports and services throughout New Zealand.

Life Unlimited Logo

Life Unlimited - Te Ao Marama

See Hear Logo

See Hear is an online magazine for the deaf community.

Cochlear Logo

Cochlear has some great support products and information available. Helpful information on your Cochlear Implant, from everyday management to trouble shooting and tips.

Ear Foudnation UK

The Ear Foundation UK has some valuable research and insights into Cochlear Implants.

Northern Cochlear Implant Programme Logo

The Northern Cochlear Implant Programme has information and advise on Cochlear Implant treatment and funding for the northern region in NZ.