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Living in Silence

Ricky McLeod's Story


Hearing loss is lonely, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are hearing solutions.

For Richard Milne, that solution was a cochlear implant.

In 2019 the World Health Organisation is drawing attention to the importance of early identification and intervention for hearing loss. It’s a huge health issue in New Zealand that urgently needs addressing.

Early identification and treatment can prevent the devastating affects of hearing loss; the communication difficulties, the isolation and loneliness, social exclusion, mental health issues and cognitive decline.

Losing your hearing is frightening and when hearing aids no longer work, the only hope is a cochlear implant. But in New Zealand, adults are not getting timely access to this life changing technology

We believe that nobody should have to live in silence for up to and over two years before being able to access a cochlear implant.

In New Zealand, forty cochlear implants are publicly funded for adults each year. There is approximately 200 adults currently assessed for a cochlear implant for whom there is not the funding available.

We need your help.

Please take a minute to tell your MP that you want all adults who need a cochlear implant to get one.


Welcome to ‘A year in the life’ where we have followed cochlear implant recipients on their journey back to a hearing world. In the words of one cochlear implant recipient, “My cochlear implant is a miracle.” It is time that everyone who needs a cochlear implant in New Zealand has access to their own miracle. Follow Scott and Charlotte’s journey back to a hearing world.


A cochlear implant may be the right hearing solution for you.

If the answer was YES to one or more of these questions, please refer to the Cochlear Implant Programme.

For information visit the Northern Cochlear Implant Programme at or the Southern Cochlear Implant Programme at

For more information on the cochlear implant assessment process:


Below are some videos from cochlear implant users, ENT surgeons, audiologists and researchers that you may find informative and helpful about the cochlear implant journey in New Zealand.



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