Cochlear implants may be the right solution for you if your hearing aids are no longer enough.

Funding for cochlear implants

There are 120 cochlear implants publicly funded in Aotearoa NZ every year. If you are struggling to hear with your hearing aids on and answered yes to the questions at thee top of this page, you maybe eligible for one publicly funded implant (wait lists may apply).

If you have private medical insurance, this may cover surgery, hospital and specialist costs though not the device.

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There are a variety of cochlear implant funding options to New Zealand adults, such as:

  1. Public health covers one cochlear implant if funded criteria is met.
    Wait lists may apply.
  2. ACC if hearing loss is injury related. Two cochlear implants maybe funded.
  3. Private health insurance will cover the costs of surgery, specialists appointments and rehabilitation. It does not cover the cochlear implant device. This needs to be funded by individuals.
  4. Some adults get family support, do give-a-little or other fundraising initiatives to cover the costs.


Sounds of life

If you are missing sounds while wearing a hearing aid then a cochlear implant may help you reclaim those precious sounds and reconnect with life.

  • Better clarity by restoring access to missing sounds4
  • Clearer hearing in noise and speech understanding5,6
  • Improved quality of life6
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"The ability to be a part of a conversation again has been the biggest thing. My self esteem and confidence has taken a major boost and I actively look for people I know so I can chat with them. Strolling along with friends, having a coffee and chat is a simple pleasure I really enjoy now."

"The implant has resulted in a big improvement in my hearing but the social damage the hearing loss caused will take much longer to recover from. I’ve missed out on so much but I’m slowly getting back in touch with my family. It’s going to take time."

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