Adri Isbister


Deputy Director-General, Disability
Ministry of Health

Adri has over 25 years’ experience in the health and disability sector. She is the former CEO of LIFE Unlimited, a national health and disability service provider. During her career Adri has received 2 overall CEO and best business awards.  Adri also supported the development implementation of the first New Zealand Disability Strategy 2001.  Adri has been immersed in governance in various positions including in Corporate, PHO's, NGO's,  DHB's, national Needs Assessment Service Co-ordination Association (NASCA), and disability information services.  

Adri most recently comes from the Wairarapa DHB where she was CEO and has, during her tenure, led the development of cross-sector work and the implementation of Health Care Home, a primary care initiative.

Adri holds an executive Masters degree in Business Administration. 

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