Our Tips On When Hearing Aids are no longer enough

While hearing aids can help the majority of people with hearing loss — they can’t help everyone.
For many people with severe-to-profound sensorineural hearing loss (also known as ‘nerve deafness’), even the most advanced and powerful hearing aids may not help. That’s because hearing aids essentially amplify sound, and making sounds louder does not always make them clearer.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • While you are wearing your hearing aids, do you still have difficulty?
  • Using the phone?
  • Communicating with family, friends, and work colleagues?
  • Hearing the television or radio?
  • Do you hear sounds but find it difficult understanding speech?
  • Do you experience sounds as a loud, badly tuned radio when using your hearing aids?

It may be that a cochlear implant might offer you the hearing solution you need.

If you have recently had your hearing assessed, your hearing health professional may consider a cochlear implant to be the solution for you if your hearing aids are no longer enough.

Please discuss available options with them.