cochlear implant referral criteria in aotearoa nz

Accessed The Northern Cochlear Implant Programme

24th August 2022


To be a suitable candidate for a cochlear implant, adults must have had a level of hearing that enabled them to develop speech and have been hearing aid users but are no longer benefitting from their hearing aids. The level of hearing loss is determined to be severe to profound with a speech audiometry that is ≤ 60% in the better hearing ear. (Pimax on CVC or AB words). 

Referrals are accepted from:

  • ENT Specialists
  • Audiologists
  • GP's
  • Self-referrals 

Referral criteria for the publicly funded cochlear implant include being:

  • Medically fit for surgery.
  • New Zealand citizens or permanent residents.* 

*For private referrals, citizenship or permanent residency is not a requirement.

Information required to be sent at the time of referral:

  • Current diagnostic audiogram (speech audiometry, immittance audiometry, and if available otoacoustic emissions)
  • Previous audiograms & speech audiometry
  • Copies of any ENT reports (if available)​

Appropriately Fitted Hearing Aids

  • Hearing aids and moulds must be optimized for the client's hearing loss. If prescriptive targets have not been met, note why this has occurred. If there is no residual hearing, ear moulds are required to assess lip reading benefit. ​

Information Required

  • Print out settings
  • Real ear measures

To make a referral to the cochlear implant programmes: