Hearing therapy in aotearoa nz


Hearing Therapy: A Comprehensive Approach to Managing Hearing Loss



Hearing therapy is a specialized field dedicated to helping individuals adjust to living with hearing loss. It is a crucial aspect of care for those affected by this condition, providing support, guidance, and practical solutions for everyday life.

What Does a Hearing Therapist Do?

A hearing therapist is a professional who works with individuals to manage their hearing loss and minimise the impact on their daily life. They offer a range of services, including:

Communication strategies: Hearing therapists provide guidance on how to effectively communicate with others despite hearing loss, along with supporting whanau to communicate effectively with the person experiencing hearing loss

Information and resources: They provide independent information on local audiological and other relevant services, as well as support and rehabilitation services for adults with or requiring cochlear implants, funding options for hearing aids, amplified equipment, and alerting devices.

Cochlear Implant management: Hearing therapists teach people how to maximize the use of their cochlear implant and provide rehabilitation support.

Hearing aid management: Hearing therapists support people to adjust to hearing aids and can teach people how to use their hearing aids effectively and address any questions or concerns they may have.

Tinnitus management: They also offer information and support for managing tinnitus, and may refer clients to other healthcare professionals as needed.

Hearing therapy is a vital component of care for individuals with hearing loss. It provides practical solutions, support, and guidance to help individuals manage their hearing loss in their daily lives. There are 22 qualified Hearing Therapists working in communities throughout Aotearoa NZ supporting adults. 
How to Access Hearing Therapy Services

 Hearing Therapy services are provided in Aotearoa NZ by Your Way | Kia Roha (previously Life Unlimited). Individuals can refer themselves to a hearing therapist or be referred by other services, including their doctor, audiologist, or Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist. The hearing therapist works in consultation with the person and may refer them to other services if necessary.
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