To meet the criteria for a publicly-funded cochlear implant you must have a severe to profound hearing loss and derive no benefit from hearing aids. Currently, the Government caps the number of adults eligible for a publicly-funded operation. If you meet the criteria for an implant after the assessment, you are placed on a waiting list. This waiting list is fluid and varies due to demand for limited publicly funded cochlear implants.

Below is a guideline to eligibility and the cochlear implant assessment process used in the Northern Cochlear Implant Program.

When funding is available for you to receive your cochlear implant, you will be notified of your surgery date and an appointment will be made for a pre-operative consultation with your ENT surgeon to discuss the surgery and what to expect.

In the Northern Cochlear Implant Program, surgery takes place at Gillies Hospital in Epsom, and you are generally admitted on the morning of your surgery and an overnight stay in expected.

Your switch on may occur 1 day- 3 weeks after your surgery with scheduled follow ups throughout the year. Below is a guideline to what to expect after your surgery.

For a detailed outline of the assessment process, your surgery and follow ups, please visit the Northern Cochlear Implant Program website: Click Here